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Educational services

According to the PES educational goals, our services is focused on providing high quality courses in Mathematics and Physics at different educational levels and especially at high school level

  1. Private classes in the student’s home
    • Short term (less than 5 sessions)
    • Middle term (around 10 to 15 sessions)
    • Long term (more than 20 sessions)
  2. Intensive courses (group class)

In order to determine which kind of services are more suitable for you, please review the following: 

  • Short term plan: suitable for those students that have minor problems in some specific parts of the course and want to quickly prepare for an exam, within a short time.

  • Middle term plan: suitable for those students who need a general review of a whole course and solving relative problems. This usually takes 2-3 months.

  • Long term plan: suitable for students who have difficulties with a course/subject, or with their studying strategies and need supervision and teaching in a continuous manner.

Interest form

Why choose PES

Our clients choose us because

  1. We have many years of experience in teaching mathematics, statistics and physics (both in high school and university level).

  2. We are experts in the education and have a good knowledge in behavioural psychology which helps to understand and diagnose difficulties that students engage with.

  3. Most of the students were really satisfied with our teaching method which helps them to go forward with their education successfully.

Work with us

work with us as a teacher

We are constantly looking for new teachers with a passion to teach. If you are committed, and have great skills of conveying your knowledge to the students, don't hesitate to contact us.


About PES

about pes

PES stands for Pouya Educational Services. The company started at 2014, with a fruitful pratcical and academic background in teaching. We love what we do and aim to bring joy to your studying experience.